Friday, October 18, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge October 2013

This week (tue-thur) we were able to take a mini family vaca to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. And let me tell you it lived up to expectations and then some!

Took J sometime to warm up to the water but N jumped right in even going down the big slides with daddy!!

Cutie Patootie 

For the month of October they had nightly trick-or-treating around the lodge, and "spooky" bedtime stories. J was Charlie Brown and N was Linus.
Their costumes costed me less than $10 to make! Two shirts from Hobby Lobby at $3 a piece, a pair of white socks from Target and some yellow and black paint.

I purchased ahead of time the breakfast buffet at $9 per adult (children eat free). Since we were there during the week there wasn't enough people to have a buffet and they let us order off the menu. We ended up getting around $35 breakfasts each morning for only $18! So yummy and everyone in the restaurant was very accommodating to children.

Storytime occurs every night, during October they read "spooky" stories and encourage the kids to come in their costumes for a costume parade following. J was very intrigued by the pretty girls and sat down next to them all on his own :)

They have a bowling alley that is half the length of a normal alley with "one size" bowling balls at 5lbs. and a strict "no rental shoes" policy :) 
I was so excited for Nicholas to go bowling as he's always playing with his little tikes bowling set and loves to bowl on the wii with daddy. He had an absolute blast!

First time in an arcade! Boy my little man sure is growing up fast!

Every morning at 10am the kids get to "turn on" the waterpark by turning this wheel. Nicholas thought it was pretty cool! We missed it the first morning as we all slept in, but I set the alarm the next morning to be sure we didn't miss it!

I managed to break a toe while climbing up a rope ladder lol guess i'm getting old!

More trick-or-treating fun!

We ate a couple meals in the hotel room. I brought the crock pot and had taco soup ready and waiting for us after a morning in the waterpark. and yes I brought sheets from home to "slipcover" the couch and cover the table... lol everything else gets a clorox wipe down.... believe it or not i'm getting better though! 

Click to watch the video below! 

When I made our reservations I paid an extra $7.50 to have Wiley the wolf bring fresh cookies and milk at bedtime. Boy was N surprised to see Wiley at his door! This smile was priceless!!! (and the cookies were delicious!!)

Isn't he so handsome? :)

The effects of three fun days at the indoor waterpark!

We can't wait to go back to GWL I don't have a single complaint about our stay everything was perfect and we all had so much fun!

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